About iVelo

Hangzhou Feigu Technology Co., Ltd.,
established in 2015, is dedicated to the design, research, manufacturing, and sales of electric mobility solutions. We specialize in electric bicycles, electric scooters, electric wheelchairs, shared scooters, shared ebikes,
charging stations, and IoT solutions.
With our self-owned factory, advanced testing center, and production lines occupying an area of 5000 square meters, we have established comprehensive research and quality management systems.
  • Strong R&D capability

    We have excellent and experienced R&D engineers. With the concept of technology-leading development, we have always insisted on independent R&D of electronic control systems.


  • Original design

    We have a professional industrial design
    team. No off-the-shelf products; all are exclusively proprietary molds. We have multiple invention and technology patents, and there is no risk of infringement.
  • OEM & ODM

    Diversified cooperation mode: ODM, OEM, SKD, Distribution, Regional agent, Design services, Patent authorization, Parts
  • White lable

    Non-branded e-bikes suitable for diverse
    business applications.
  •  Flexible Collaboration

    Accepting small batch orders and providing personalized customization options including color variations and customer logo integration, empowering your brand.
  • Direct Factory Source

    We have our own factory covering an area of 5,000㎡, advanced testing center and production lines. Directly sourced from our manufacturing facility, ensuring cost-efficiency and product authenticity.
  • Quick & Efficent

    Professional sales team, rapid and responsive support, extensive experience and expertise in the e-bike industry, providing unparalleled insights and effective solutions.
  •  Quality Assurance

    We have implemented a comprehensive quality management system, backed by various testing and inspection equipment, ensuring stringent quality checks that guarantee reliability and durability.
  • After-Sales Support

    Dedicated to prompt and responsible after-sales services, ensuring quick responses and effective resolutions for any queries or concerns.