This page changes from time to time in response to customer enquiries.

Q. Do you need a licence or registration?

All our bicycles and kits comply with the most recent regulations governing the import and sale of electric bicycles in Australia. Our bikes are 250W motor assisted bicycles (known as Pedalecs) and not motorbikes with pedals attached!

Q. Can I have an e-bicycle with a throttle?

In 2013, the regulations changed to standardise the law accross Australia and allow for 250W bikes to be imported. These bikes can not have a throttle and have to comply with European Union standard EN 15194.

Some E-bikes with a motor up to 200W, (the type we sold prior to 2013), are still available, and are able to have a throttle as well as a pedal assist system.

A. How do you recharge the battery?

Bikes come with a 240W battery charger which is plugged into the battery at one end and any standard household power plug at the other end. The battery can be charged in situ or can be easily removed for charging at work, or home. 

Q. How long does it take to recharge the battery?

The battery takes 4-5 hours to charge from fully flat. Typically people leave the battery to charge overnight.

Q. Does the battery recharge while you are riding?

A. Yes and no, some models have a little regenerative braking, some do not. The advantage of having no regenerative braking is that it allows the bike to freewheel, therefore have no drag making it easier to pedal as a normal bike.

Q. What speed do the bikes go at?

A. By law our bikes have to be speed limited. The bikes are speed limited to around 25kms per hour. This is a good speed for most riders. While it is not as fast as you could go on a normal bike riding very fast downhill, it is a lot faster than the average person would go on a normal bike up the hills!

Q. Will the bike help me get up that hill?

A. These bikes are designed to take the hard work out of riding up hills!

Q. How much does it cost to recharge the battery?

A. The battery takes about 9 cents to recharge (including the Green Power ad-on!).

Q. How many km's can you do on one charge?

A. The range varies dependant on numerous factors (such as weight of the rider, riding style, wind, number and gradient of hills etc). For a 10 amp hour battery, 35 to 50km or around 1 1/2 hours riding time could be expected. We also sell long range batteries (16 amp hour) which can do 75-100kms on one charge. These batteries are not available for all bikes.

Q. How do you know when you're running out of charge?

A. There is a battery meter which indicates the level of power left in the battery located on the throttle or on the Pedal Assist display.

Q. How long does the battery last?

A. Batteries last between 600 and 1000 charges and this varies from battery to battery. The factors effecting battery life also vary greatly (such as weight of the rider, riding style, terrain etc.) Lab tests indicate that if a battery is recharged from fully flat, it won't last as long as if it is charged more frequently. How many years this is depends on how frequently the bike is used and how much charge is in the battery when it is charged. For example, if a battery was being charged 4 times a week at about a quarter flat (around 12.5 km, 5 days a week) you could expect the battery to last around 4 to 5 years. 

Q. How much does a replacement battery cost?

Battery replacement costs vary from company to company. We charge around $600 for a 36W/ 10 ah replacement battery and we price our replacement batteries to keep you on the road.

A. Where are your bikes made?

Our bikes are made in China (like the majority of bikes). We regularly visit our supplier's factory and have confidence in the quality of their products. We have great relationships with our manufacturers and have worked with them to develop their products for the Australian market.

Q. Can your bikes be ridden normally?

A. Yes the bikes can be ridden normally - just turn the pedal assitance off!

Q. When should I recharge the battery?

A. The battery should be regularly recharged. Tests (and the experiance of our riders) show that the batteries have a longer life span if they are charged more frequently than less frequently, so charging after each ride is fine. 

Q. Can these bikes be ridden in the rain?

A. The bikes are shower proof, but it is not recommended that you ride them in heavy rain. Bikes should be stored under cover where possible.

Q. Are spare parts available?

A. We carry complete range of spare parts.

Q. What should I do to maintain the bike?

A. The bike does not need to be electronically serviced. For mechanical servicing (such as adjusting the brakes, gears etc.) it is recommended that you service your bike or get your bike serviced after three months (this service is free if you buy a new bike from us) and regularly after that as you would a normal bike. A normal bike shop can service the mechanical components of the bikes, although we also have a mechanic who works with us, and you can bring the bike to us for replacement of electrical components should it be necessary. How much wear and tear there is on the bike will depend on how much you use it.

Q. Do you service bikes?

A. We can service bikes, but generally refer people to our favourite bikes mechanics.

Q. What kind of batteries do these bikes have?

A. Lithium Ion batteries, more info in the "About batteries" section of the website.

Q. Can I get a batteries with a longer range?

A. Yes, we have a longer range battery (16ah) available with a range of about 90km.

Q. Can I get a bike with a bigger motor (250W or greater)?

A. We only supply motors which are legally able to used on the road.

Q. What's the difference between riding an electrics bike and a normal bike?

A. Try one and you will find out! That's a bit cheeky but it is the best way to explain!

Q. What kind of warranties do these bikes have?

1 year on electrical parts, 1 years on batteries and 5 years on the frames. See warrantees and policies

Q. Can I tow a trailer?

A. Yes, however your battery range will decrease as you are pulling more weight. You will also decrease the likely life of your battery because your battery will be doing more work.

Q. Can I try one out?

A. We have some trial bikes so give us a call to book 2 day obligation free trial. We also hire bikes for $50 a week ($200 per month).